Workforce Demographics

Champaign County is at the center of a multi-county labor shed at the intersection of three major interstate roads, 1-57, I-74 and I-72.  Most of the workers that commute to Champaign County to work come from ten surrounding counties.  Commuting 50 miles to work in 50 minutes is common due to flat countryside and straight interstate and highway systems.


Champaign County  74,994
10 Counties + Champaign County 328,948
Work in Champaign County   87,367
Roughly 32,800 commute from outside Champaign County to work here.
Work and Live in Champaign County  54,489
Workforce that live in Champaign County 74,994;  roughly 20,500 commute elsewhere to work.

Source: Source: US Census Bureau, OnTheMap Application and LEHD Origin-Destination Employment Statistics (2nd quarter of 2002-2009)

Champaign County Quality of Labor Report, 2010

Pathfinders Underemployment Report, 2007

Employment Location Quotient, 2011

Economic Demographics

The 2010 Census data is being released in layers throughout 2011.
These demographic reports can be found in different levels of detail for Champaign County at the Regional Planing Commission website.