Medical & Biotech

The University of Illinois and Carle Health System are partnering in first-of-its-kind engineering-based college of medicine. The proximity to the University of Illinos has led to partnerships with business as well as with Mayo Clinic in specializations including:
  • Basic, translational and clinical research
  • Bioengineering, especially for point-of-care diagnostics
  • Development of tools and methods in computational biology and medicine
Local Life Science Operations Include:


The current number of workers with Standard Occupation Codes:
(290 000) Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Operations 4,900
(310 000) Healthcare Support Occupations 2,400
(190 000) Life, Physical and Social Science Occupation 990


With access to highly ranked and unique institutional resources Champaign County is a seed bed for innovation and commercialization.  These resources include: