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Acoustic MedSystems

Acoustic MedSystems, Inc. (AMS) specializes in the design of ultrasound and radiation therapy systems and instrumentation for treatment of localized diseases.

AMS specializes in applications of treatment planning and image-guided interventions using ablative therapy technologies and radiation therapy. The specific products are ablation/radiation treatment planning, delivery guidance software and systems, and high intensity needle-based and catheter-based interventional devices for thermal ablative therapy. These devices create highly conformal (shape, volume) controlled high-intensity ultrasound energy delivery for customized patient-specific treatment. The company’s primary initiatives use its core competencies in interventional image guidance, ultrasound ablation technology, treatment planning / dose optimization, and clinical systems integration to develop minimally invasive devices and integrated systems for treatment of localized cancers and other disorders.


RadVision™ – A Brachytherapy Treatment Planning System & TheraVision™ – An Image-Guided Ultrasound Ablation Technology

Fun Facts

AMS partners with research teams at several major universities throughout the U.S.A. and Canada for development and commercialization of advanced medical technologies and medical robotics applications.

Acoustic MedSystems, Inc. (AMS) is pioneering a new, minimally invasive therapy and image-guided technology ACOUSTx™ to treat localized diseases, including localized cancer and benign diseases.

2014 Innovation Celebration Longevity Award Finalist.