Made In Champaign County


BioAnalytics is a biotechnology company developing the next generation of tools for protein analysis. Using a unique chemical synthesis technique, BioAnalytics modifies existing antibodies to amplify their binding strength by over 100 fold. This process results in drastic improvements in sensitivity and specificity, two of the most important factors in biological test fidelity. BioAnalytics uses this technique along with a proprietary method for simplified protein detection to develop tests with faster turnaround times, decreased variability, improved specificity, higher sensitivity, and increased capacity for multiplexing. BioAnalytics is currently focused on commercializing tests for use in academic research and pharmaceutical development, but ultimately plans on applying their technology to point-of-care medical diagnostics.

Fun Facts

Co-founders Lucas and Michael were randomly selected roommates at Bromley Hall during their freshman year at the University of Illinois.

2016 Innovation Celebration award recipient for the Student Startup Award.