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PSYONIC’s mission is to deliver advanced, neurally-controlled prosthetic hands with more functionality and lower cost than state-of-the-art prostheses. By employing machine learning algorithms, their prostheses are able to recognize different patterns of muscle activity from the user’s residual limb. PSYONIC will also have the first commercially available prosthesis capable of sensory feedback. Through these innovations, PSYONIC will disrupt the status quo of the prosthetics industry and decrease prosthesis rejection and abandonment.


Prosthetic hands

Fun Facts

Co-founders Aadeel Akhtar and Patrick Slade both love to play guitar.

PSYONIC was a 2016 Innovation Celebration finalist for the Social Venture Award.

With PSYONIC’s technology they are able to give both touch and joint location sensing back to the user. In providing touch feedback, they place pressure sensors in the hand that are relayed to the user through electrical stimulation of the skin. By doing this, the user feels vibration, tingling, or pressure when he touches an object.