Made In Champaign County


Inprentus was founded in June 2012 by University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign physics professor Peter Abbamonte to commercialize an innovative, dual-atomic microscope scribing technology, which is a technique for carrying out nano-scale lithography via mechanical deformation of metallic surfaces. This technology is a general purpose approach to high-precision patterning of surfaces, and is particularly suited to x-ray and EUV diffractive optics in which features must be shaped with 0.1 degree angular precision and positioned with nanometer precision over distances of tens of centimeters. X-ray diffraction gratings are used by many academic institutions, government laboratories, and Fortune 500 companies at synchrotron radiation facilities for a variety of scientific and commercial applications.

Fun Facts

The name Inprentus originates in Dutch, just like its current CEO.

They do manufacturing, not software.

Original technology dates back to Pres. Benjamin Harrison (1890) – completely redone using state of the art nano technology today by Inprentus.

Applications of their technology are used by many Fortune 500 companies.

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